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Black Swan "White Swan" 2011 Halloween Costume

I never posted my White Swan Costume from Halloween Last year, because the photos got deleted! Since Halloween 2012 is coming up, I thought I 'd post the (rather bad quality) photos I do have.

My Black Swan Costume from Halloween 2011

myspace, anyone?


Vogue sent ME to fashion week!

To read more about how this photo won me a trip to NYC for Fashion Week 2012-


Site Update - latest work

I'm not very happy with the company i use to quasi-design my site, so eventually I'll do it myself- but it needed a face-lift in the meantime

website before:

website after:

former business card:

business card  now:

Latest work:


This is a small sampling of what I've been doing at work. Check out my new blog about 9-5 realness style


update+ black swan costume halloween 2011

Hello Everyone,
From these pictures it will become somewhat clear why i have not been present for so long. last thanksgiving, i was in a near-fatal car accident with an 18-wheeler. I broke my neck, shattered my foot/ankle, and sliced the tendon in my elbow. I was able to work briefly as the graphic designer for a local furniture company while wearing a walking boot. However, I was suffering for severe pain each day and was not seeing any indication i would be able to walk without a boot. A few weeks ago, I had a second surgery on my foot/ankle and am now going through a whole new recovery. I do have some work from the furniture store i will be posting shortly, for now, this is one of my halloween costumes for 2011 (from the movie Black Swan). stay tuned for my "White Swan" costume for next week's party.